Friday, March 27, 2015

Mr. Baby has been a grumpy little bear the past two afternoons. He doesn't like anything and especially not napping, which is the only time he isn't fussing. Actually, he likes everything for up to five minutes, at which time he starts fussing again.

Right now he is sound asleep and looking so peaceful. He should sleep for an hour to 90 minutes. We'll see.

Today I'm creating baby xanax (just kidding, although I'm tempted). Really I have been working on final plans for four events that are taking place this weekend. But tonight, I'm creating homemade burgers for Mr. B, Dr. Mc and me. I haven't done this in at least a year. Let's see. Friday night at home with burgers, margaritas and a movie. It doesn't get any better!

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