Thursday, March 5, 2015

It has been a business week. My new work agreement doesn't seem to be working out as I thought it would. Working part-time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays seems to be expanding to working most nights from home as well as Thursdays, Fridays and sometimes the weekend. This isn't what I signed on for, so now the decision is, what do I do? Mr. B and I have discussed options for the past two days and I think I have a counter offer to make.

Big Daddy got home early Tuesday morning from his three-week band tour and I don't think he has put Mr. Baby down. I only got to see TLP for five minutes yesterday. He gave me a toothless grin that will last me for a few days. There are also 500+ photos and videos of Mr. Baby online for me to look at when I need a fix.

Today I'm creating a space inspection for an event at the end of March. Next I'm meeting an artist to hang her work in an office space. Then I'm shopping for a political rally I'm coordinating. I'll probably get home around 9 p.m. tonight. All the running around is tiring for this sexagenarian.

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