Monday, March 30, 2015

GO Nick Zamora, Alex Zamora, Kam Franklin and the rest of The Suffers. So proud of everyone and can't wait to watch you on David Letterman tonight!

This is an exciting day! Dr. Mc left Houston on Saturday to fly to NYC to be with Big Daddy and The Suffers tonight when they play on The Late Show with David Letterman. They've been posting photos all day on Facebook and I have been sharing them on my Facebook page.

Here's one of the photos that was posted this morning of Big Daddy setting up his drums on the television set. He has on his Jones High School Falcon cap. He and Dr. Mac were in the Vanguard program at Jones High School. Nick was, of course, in the band and drum core. So sweet that he hasn't forgotten his Houston roots and is wearing his cap.

Today I'm creating the beginning plans for five events that will take place in April. I've also written an invitation and pulled up the May calendar to start scheduling events. I seem to be doing more and more events, and less and less long-form writing.

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