Sunday, January 25, 2015

Yesterday was a fun day! Sweetness and I looked at two more venues. Between appointments we went to a cute bar downtown (Honeymoon) for lunch and a cocktail. After the second appointment we went to the fabric store to look at colors that she wants in her wedding. Mother and daughter bonding time is always special!

Last night we met my cousin, Susan, and her daughter, Kristy, for cocktails before going to see The Suffers play. The Suffers had a GREAT show, but I may be biased. Apparently they have a good following in Houston. The show was sold out (700 people) and there were others standing out front trying to buy tickets.

Today I'm creating a casita that is devoid of personal items. We left Houston early this morning for two days in the high desert. I promised Dr. Mc and Big Daddy that I would take care of The Little Prince the first year of his life while they are at work. (This is so important since he was born prematurely. I don't want him in daycare where he might get exposed to something that his system isn't ready to handle.) Since I'll be caring for Aulay I won't be able to spend my summer vaca in the hight desert. Mr. B and I are leasing the Pettita Casita to a retired oncologist while his new home is built outside of Santa Fe. We're here to put our personal items in the attic and take some items home with us to Houston. We'll still come to Santa Fe, but not to the casita until March 2015. It will be strange to be in Santa Fe and not be in our house, but that's the way it will be. Truthfully, I'd rather take care of Mr. Baby than be away from him for two or three months! Plus, I'll be busy helping Sweetness plan her wedding.

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