Friday, January 23, 2015

As much as The Little Prince would not sleep yesterday, he has been asleep this morning for three hours. I have a bottle at the ready because when he wakes up, I know he is going to be hungry.

Does anyone else cut their own hair or is it just my family? Mr B and I went to an event last night. My hair has been bothering me (as it often does) so I came home last night, changed clothes, and quickly grabbed the scissors. I went in the bathroom and cut the length my hair to chin length. As much as I want to have long hair, it just doesn't work on my head.

Today I'm creating dinner with Dr. Mc. Big Daddy is out of town the the night. Mr. B has a company function. Dr. Mc and I are bonding with Pad Thai. The Little Prince will be with us, but hasn't developed a taste for anything but formula.

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