Saturday, March 15, 2014

Auction magic

Fabulous Miro I saw today. It's part of a private collection.
I had a morning filled with meetings associated with the upcoming Houston Heights Association's 2014 Candlelight Dinner & Auction. In addition to meetings I was picking up donated items and delivering them to our storage house. I love seeing all the auction goodies in advance.

The really fun part of this rainy afternoon involved sitting with a collector of fabulous "works on paper." What an incredible collection! Not only does his collection span years and years, but it's all photographed and cataloged. Amazing.

Today I'm creating dinner for Mr. B. It's raining so I'm thinking that a yummy meatloaf with green beans would be nice. Mr. B will require a starch with his meal, so I'll probably make some rice for him. As for me, I avoid starches whenever possible.

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