Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Auction. Auction. Auction.

Thinking about Sweetness and Raff today. They're driving
to Santa Fe for a vaca. How I wish I was with them!
About all I have time for these days is the auction I'm chairing. We don't have nearly enough items so I keep thinking of potential donors I can contact or ones I can suggest that others contact. I know that people have paperwork and items that haven't been turned in, but of course I'm fretting.

On Wednesday or Thursday (not sure which) I'm going to visit my cousin who lives in LaPorte. She's downsizing to move to Katy. I'm getting a small table from her that belonged to my parents. Then we may go to Baytown to look at a collection of tin lunch boxes. I can see lots of jewelry made from the lunch boxes! I had lunch yesterday with a friend who brought me a box filled with tin canisters. A couple in the box really interest me and I can't wait to cut into them.

Today I'm creating plans for Mr. B's birthday, which is tomorrow. I do believe that I'm married to the most difficult man to buy gifts for, but if that's his most annoying trait I guess I should keep him.

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