Friday, September 4, 2015

Still working on the wedding!

TLP had a busy day. He went with Big Daddy to take Dr. Mc to work. Next he went with Big Daddy to see a great uncle. Next he went with me to run errands. We went to a meeting about the Saturday night celebration for Sweetness and Girafferty. We went to Mr. B's office to meet people and then to lunch. By the time TLP finished eating mac and cheese with his hands, he needed to be hosed down. (Note to self: Order mac sans cheese.)

By the time TLP and I got back to the house, he was asleep. I left him with Big Daddy while I went back to the store looking for wrapping paper and ribbon in just the right colors.

Today I'm creating more wedding and celebration plans. Sweetness and Girafferty got their marriage license today. Good idea since the wedding is only two weeks from today. In the past week I've seen so many photos of kids on the first day of school with the caption, "Where has the time gone." That's the questions I'm asking myself now.

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